Post #5: Truth O’ Meter: Girl Scout Awarded Gold Award for Promoting Abortion

I decided to fact check a recent news article, “Girl Scouts Give Highest Award to Teen Who Organized Abortion Campaign“, by Nwo Report, that I came across while scrolling on Facebook. I was very surprised when I read the headline and thought it was an interesting topic to read more about. While looking at the comments under numerous links to different news articles about this topic on Facebook, not a lot of people were thrilled about this.

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Some Facebookers claimed that Girl Scouts has changed over the years, arguing that “the group has been documenting the organization’s pro-abortion sentiments for years” from a CBN news report, while some even threatened to no longer buying anymore Girl Scout cookies.

The article on addresses the recent Gold Star award, which is known to be the highest award you can receive, given to a girl scout who plans to work on “‘reproductive health justice’- an umbrella term that include abortion on demand” (Nwo Report, 2019). Her project included working with the Women’s March.

I decided to read more about Nwo Report’s website so I went on their “About Us” page. Right from the beginning, they state that they prove every claim they make, and that their “purpose [is] to prove with undeniable proof that there is a group of extremely rich “power mongers” who want to rule the world in a slave state that makes the most extreme horror movie seem pale by comparison”. I was a tad confused while reading that last part and wondering why/how they made that huge jump from proving every claim they make to that statement. Interesting. So far these sites seem more like opinion writing than fact writing and are less on the academic side.

After reading that, I decided to go upstream on this article to find its original source to see how true this really was. The article goes on to report and cites on how Meghan Gopalan from Arizona was awarded the highest standard of Girl Scouts for promoting abortion. As I headed over to, I notice how they are stating the same thing what Nwo Reports says as well, however, I spotted another website being cited, So I went on to that website and noticed a whole different header entitled, “Girl Scouts Partner with Abortion Industry, ‘Anal Sex Tutorial’ Promoter Teen Vogue”. This was completely different than the other articles. However, after reading, they did add about how Gopalan was awarded the Gold Star for her project on the female reproductive system to “educate people about and destigmatize access to women’s healthcare” (Berry 2019).

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However, I noticed that this site never included the term “abortion”, or “pro-life” whatsoever within their article. I knew at this point that something was up. How could this site, which seems to be the original source, say nothing about this girl promoting abortion, yet the other sites that are getting their information from Breitbart repeatedly mention those two words?

This was when I decided to google search the key words in these articles “girl scouts Meghan Gopalan abortion” on using and After I searched that, the very first thing that came up was factchecking the article. The article brought me to read, “Did the Girls Scouts Give Their ‘Highest Award’ to a Girl for Her Pro-Choice Activism?”. Snopes tells me the claim that was given and the rating along with it. In this case, the claim was rated to be false.

Snopes includes the origin from which the claim comes from which expresses how right-leaning and pro-life websites criticize Girl Scouts “in response to reports about a member in Southern Arizona who planned to achieve the organization’s “Gold Award” with a project about women’s reproductive health”. They site an “article” from, but when I tried to follow up with the website, it is blank and tells me right away that the website is not secure. I thought that was weird, since I looked at the website before and it was fine, but when it was linked, it wasn’t showing anything, but I went back to to read more about what the website had to say. They stated how the Girl Scouts’ support of abortion continues to grow. They continue to address’s statement on how Meghan Gopalan was awarded the highest award for a project that focused on the reproductive health justice and that her goal was just another term for abortion.

This however, was in fact not true. The websites that posted these stories are pro-life and very biased about their own views. Snopes actually includes where the true, original article comes from, which was an article posted in November of 2018. This article discusses Meghan Gopalan’s plans for working towards earning the Gold Award for Girls Scouts. The article talks about how the 2016 election sparked her interest for civic engagement and wanted to be involved in something that mattered to her; she chose women’s healthcare, something that she felt was lacking within our society, and participated in the March for Our Lives . This led her to become involved with the Tucson Women’s March, where she was able to meet with new people, find her voice, and become an active member in society where she feels open to express her opinions to the public. The article then provides us with their interview with Meghan and how she got involved with the March, how she wants to make a difference, and her project for the Gold Award.

“Reproductive justice to me means making sure that all girls and women—regardless of our background, education, income, or age—have access to education and information about healthcare. We all have bodies, but we don’t all know how to keep them healthy.” -Meghan Gopalan.

In conclusion, while it is true that Meghan Gopalan discussed her plans for the Gold Award involving her association with women’s healthcare, the claim that her plan was pro-life or about abortion was never mentioned in her statements/interview.  Gopalan also states in her plan about working with El Rio Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP), which is “part of the Tucson, Arizona El Rio Health Center, a federally-qualified health center that is legally barred from providing abortion service.” It also is barred from “giv[ing] direct referrals for such services, instead focusing on sex education, contraception and birth control and STI testing”, things that lack within women’s healthcare. Therefore, it has been confirmed by Snopes that Girl Scouts did not award the Gold Award to a project that promoted abortion, nor did Meghan Gopalan’s project intend her project to address that issue.

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